Tito and Stalin

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  • Tito and Stalin
    • How did it start?
      • After 1945, some communists took power without Soviet help.
      • In Yugoslavia, Tito was one of these successful communists who had led a successful war against occupying German forces in 1941 and 1945.
      • In the beginning it seemed that Tito was highly regarded by Stalin. But there was an underlying tension between the two.
      • Tito did not see any reason to take orders from Moscow.
    • What were the major conflicts?
      • Tito wanted to control the neighbouring state of Albania, and he annoyed  Stalin by sending Yugoslav troops to Albania.
      • Tito was offended by the way Yugoslav agents were asked to report directly to Moscow. Senior members of the army were asked to become Soviet spies.
    • What happened when the conflict became public?
      • Yugoslavia was thrown out of Cominform - the Soviet-led organisation for world communism.
      • USSR and other Eastern European countries stopped trading with Yugoslavia.
      • Stalin hoped that Yugoslav communists would turn against Tito. Instead, people in Yugoslavia rallied around their leader.
      • Tito dealt with his enemies very well. Local communists who sided with Stalin were arrested.
    • What happened towards the end?
      • Western powers helped Yugoslavia.
        • In December 1948, the British provided a $30 million trade deal.
        • The Americans also provided considerable financial support over the next few years.
        • In 1951, the Americans provided the Yugoslav armed forces with equipment worth $60 million dollars.
      • Stalin began to threaten war.
        • In 1949, Stalin realised that nothing else was working, so he began to threaten war.
        • Stalin was making plans to poison Tito in 1953, but died.
      • Stalin made sure that no other Eastern European leaders followed the same path as Tito.
        • People and leaders were accused of 'Titoism' and executed.
      • Death of Stalin
        • After Stalin died, the new Soviet Leader Khrushchev ended the conflict with Yugoslavia.
        • Khrushchev allowed Tito to legally continue with his own foreign policy - making it a victory for Tito.


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