Tissues in Lungs

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  • Tissues in Lungs
    • Cartilage
      • Supports the trachea and the bronchi.
        • It stops them from collapsing when the pressure drops.
      • Strong and flexible.
      • The rings of cartilage are C shaped rather than complete rings.
        • This allows flexibility and space for food to pass down the oesophagus.
      • Allows oesophagus to expand during swallowing.
      • Located in trachea and bronchi.
        • Trachea = large C shaped pieces.
        • Bronchi = small cartilage pieces.
    • Smooth muscle
      • Allows the diameter of the airways to be controlled.
      • Constricts the airway.
        • This makes the lumen of the airway narrower which can restrict airflow to and from the alveoli.
        • The contraction of the smooth muscle and the control of the airflow is not voluntary and may occur due to an allergic reaction.
          • Once a smooth muscle contracts, it can't be reversed on its own. It is elongated by elastic fibres.
      • Located in the trachea, bronchi, largest bronchioles and smaller bronchioles.
    • Goblet Cells
      • Line the airway.
      • Secrete mucus which traps the microorganisms and dust particles in the inhaled air and stops them to reach the alveoli.
    • Ciliated epithelium


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