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  • Tissue
    • Group of cells with the same structure and function working together
    • Epithelial tissue
      • Covers/lines the internal and external surfaces of the body
      • Cells sit on a basement membrane
        • Made of collagen and protein
      • Often have a protective or secretory function
      • SHAPE
        • Cuboidal
          • Cube shape
          • One cell thick
          • Ducts of salivary glands
        • Columnar
          • Have cillia
          • Oviduct and trachea
        • Squamous
          • Flattened cells
          • Alveoli and Bowman's capsule
    • Muscle Tissue
      • Skeletal
        • Attached to bones
        • Can choose to contract them or not
          • Voluntary msucles
      • Smooth muscle
        • Skin, walls of blood vessels, and the digestive and respiratory tract.
      • Cardiac
        • Only found in the heart
        • Does not tire
    • Connective Tissue
      • Connects, supports and separates tissues and organs
      • Contains elastic and collagen fibres


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