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  • Tin
    • Uses of tin
      • Fillings
        • Most fillings contain a mixture of tin, silver, copper, zinc and mercury
      • Solder in electronic gadgets
        • An alloy of tin that melts at low temperatures and conducts electricity.
      • Coats steel cans
        • Iron in the steel alloy does not react with food acids, water or oxygen
    • Getting hold of tin
      • In the Earth's crust
        • Tin oxide
        • Most tin comes from China, South America and South-east Asia
        • Cornwall
          • Mined for thousands of years
          • Tin from abroad was cheaper
            • Mines in Cornwall shut down
              • Industry in tin had increased
                • Is it worth mining in Cornwall once more?
    • Recycling Tin
      • Recycling tin uses less energy and produces less waste than getting tin from the ground
      • Recycling companies separate the tin from the steel that it coats
        • Then the tin is used to make more things - perhaps even more tin cans!
    • Environmental costs
      • To get tin out of tin oxide, companies heat tin oxide with carbon
        • Carbon takes oxygen from tin oxide. The products are tin and carbon dioxide gas.
        • tin oxide + carbon ? tin + carbon dioxide
      • The rock that is not useful is dumped into huge spoil heaps.
        • Few plants grow on spoil heaps as what little soil there is, it may be contaminated with poisonous arsenic compounds.


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