Psychology Timeline

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  • Timeline of Psychology
  • 17th Century - 19th Century.
    • 1879
      • 1900s
        • 1913
          • 1950s
            • 1960s
              • The digital computer was introduced and this gave psychologists a metaphor for the operations of the mind.
                • The cognitive approach reintroduces the study of mental processes, but in more detail than Wundt.
              • 1960s
                • 1980s +
                  • 21st Century
                    • Cognitive neuroscience emerges which brought together cognitive and biological approaches.
                      • It's built on the earlier computer models and investigates how biological structures influence mental states.
                  • The biological approach becomes the dominant scientific perspective.
                    • This is because of improved technology that helped us understand the brain and biological processes.
                • Bandura proposes the social learning theory.
                  • It draws attention to the role of cognitive factors in learning.
            • Rogers and Maslow develop the humanistic approach.
              • This rejected the views of the psycho-dynamic approach and behaviourism.
                • Humanistic psychologists emphasise the importance of self-determination and free will.
          • Watson writes a book and Skinner establishes the behaviourist approach.
        • The    psycho - dynamic approach is established.
          • Freud emphasised the influence of the unconscious mind on behaviour.
            • This developed personcentred therapy(psycho-analysis)
      • Wundt opens the first psychology lab in Germany.
    • Psychology was known as experimental philosophy.


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