Three Gorges Dam Impacts

Mind Map for planning assessment on supporting/going against the construction of the Three Gorges Dam

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  • Three Gorges Dam Impacts
    • Social
      • Possitive: 1)Dam provides jobs for building process
        • 2)Better electricity+water supply, better lifestyles.
      • Cultural/relligious sites lost, Yangtze Gorges Historic Site disappear.
      • People upstream,1.9 million will lose homes under wate. People need to relocate to higher colder areas.Poor soil there, slopes steeper, harder to make a living from farming.
        • Few human rights in China, people forced to leave homes, especially poor.Forced by China Government.
          • People not told anything about why or where they r moving etc.
      • No compensation for homes lost landslides, fault of dam.Ppl made homeless, people can't settle down in area. Local officials no help.
    • Environmental
      • Negative: 1)Huge impact on wildlife of area. Yangtze River Dolphins, Chinese Alligators etc. could be extinct.Habitats destroyed by dam + reservoir.
        • 2)Floods fertile farmland. creates methane so vegeatation rots.Fish breeding grounds lost/altered.
          • 3) Dam built in earthquake zone,RISK, China regular earthquakes. Previously on that site 2 dams collapsed 1/4 million ppl died.
            • 4)High water level next to land causing landlslides, weakening land, breaking people's homes. Frequency of landslides will increase.
      • Positive: 10Less dependency on coal, biggest user/producerof coal worldwide.Less dirty field,toxic smog,acid rain, millions of tonnes harmful coal dust,mines,pollution,less disease/defects.
        • 2)Flood controll - protects 10 million people downstream frm flooding, important coz 300,000 died be4.
          • Chief Engineer: dams collapsed be4 coz of torrential rain, developed engineering, now safe.
          • Clean water supply to more people.
        • Less global warming which causes sea levels to rise, large area of China;s coast would have flooded.
    • Economic
      • Positive: 1)Dam generates 18,000 megawatts of electriciy, 1/9 of China's.
      • Renewable, less money spent on coal mining etc.
      • Negative:Cost 50 billion dollars to build, really expensive.
      • May not be worth the money.Dam slows river flow, so river collects more dirt+sediment, eventually stop working, generates less and less electricity as it fills. Short term benefit.




I hope you like it I tried rly hard to do this! It's helping me out with my assessment too and I hope its useful for u guyz too :-)

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