Threats towards the Weimar Republic from 1919-1924

I read a book which recommended that mindmaps should never contain specific detail, instead every piece of information should be limited to one word which I've tried to do here (I failed once or twice!!). This all means that the diagram is simple, and is intended to jog your memory, rather than provide all of the information! I'm going to use it to test my memory to remember the events which back up their individual interpretations (i.e. article 54 made the courts independent, which could have threatened the Weimar Republic as it led to cases like the 1921 Erzberger case....)

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  • Threats towards the Weimar Republic
    • Right
      • Structuralist
        • Army
        • Courts
      • Organisation
      • Assasinations
    • Left
      • Popularity
      • Strikes
    • Versailles
      • Diktat
      • Hyperinflation
        • Polarisation
    • Constitutional
      • Courts
      • Coalitions
      • Elites
  • Constitutional
    • Courts
    • Coalitions
    • Elites


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