Threats to Republic

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  • Threats to the Republic
    • Right Wing
      • Kapp putsch
        • Sparked by attempt to disband Freikorp. 12,000 troops marched on Berlin and installed right wing gov under Kapp.
          • Demonstrated that army would not defend the Republic
      • Biased Judiciary- only 1 out of 705 prosecuted over kapp putsch
        • No assassins executed
      • French occupation of Ruhr
        • End of 1922 Germany struggled to pay reparations. French decided to take goods.
          • Passive resistence- german paid workers to strike- french brought in own workers
      • Hyperinflation
        • Nov 1923 value and confidence of the mark fell as gov printed more obey to fund reparations
      • Munich Beer Hall Putsch
        • Led by Hitler- attempt to overthrow left wing gov- marched on Berlin.
          • Failed-put down by army and Hitler arrested. 5 year sentence-released after 9 months (biased judiciary)
      • Groener-Eber pact- Freikorp would be used to put down left wing. appeared to have betrayed socialist revolution
    • Left Wing
      • Spartacist Revolt
        • Put down by Freikorp. leaders Karl Leibknect and Rosa Luxemburg shot.
        • Unhappy with the November revolution
      • Ruhr Revolution
        • Red army formed in response to Freikorp. Set up gov in Essen.
          • Put down by Freikorp


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