Geography development - threats and benefits of globalisation

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  • Threadts and Benefits of Globalisation
    • Threats in MEDCs
      • Job losses
      • Negative Multiplier effect
      • Socail problems of deindustrialisation - crime, drugs and alchoholism
        • Mental halth issues - depression, stress
      • Rcession/ decline in economy
      • Quality issues of imported products
    • Threats to LEDCs
      • Brain Drain
      • Cheap labour and resources at expense of development
      • Don't get profits
      • Poor working conditions
      • Poor working conditions
      • Polution an other enviromental damage
      • Loss of cultural diversity
      • Risk of redundancies of MNCs leave
    • Benefits to MEDCs
      • People and cutures mix - share ideas , experiances and lifestyle
      • More aware of global issues and events
      • Exploit LEDCs labour force and resources
      • Can increase income
      • More profits for MNCs
      • Growing economy
    • Benefits to LEDCs
      • New jobs and skills for locals
      • Wealth and fogrin currency enters economy leading to resources and education, health and infastructure
      • Cultural mix
      • Positive multiplier effect
      • Technology introduced to countries


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