Those winter sundays

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  • Those Winter Sundays
    • Tone
      • apologetic, regretful, tender, guilty
      • confessional, sorry for not expressing gratitude, for treating his father indifferently
    • Purpose
      • write about relationships indirectly through images and metaphors
    • Content
      • narrator describes relationship with father, how he didn't appreciate his father's sacrifices until now
      • reflecting back to when he was a child
      • speaker notes that although he did benefit from his father's work he did not show gratitude
      • relationship faltered because of division created by misunderstanding, was never repaired
    • Analysis
      • Stanza one
        • 'sundays too'- level of sacrifice and effort, gets up on day of rest
        • 'cracked hands'- lingering effects of prior work
        • intimate, conversational style
        • 'fires blaze'- passion/ strong feelings. he starts a fire but he doesn't receive the same care back. he had to put his clothes on in the 'blueblack cold'
        • 'no one ever thanked him'- impassioned case against child who let such actions go without thanks. short, concise, emphasis, sudden stop in rhythm
      • Stanza two
        • father's work ethic- speaker not awake when he begins
        • 'when the rooms were warm'- shows level of care, he didn't 'wake' the child until the room lost its chill
        • 'cold splintering, breaking'- violent
        • 'fearing the chronic angers..' - fear in living situation either house is falling apart or tension between father and child
      • Stanza three
        • speaker applies wisdom and growth to situation to conclude that as a child, he simply had not understood
        • son can see  in retrospect the quiet love expressed by his father, but too late
        • wasted youth, relationship that was never healed despite the love present


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