Thomas Wolsey- Domestic Policies

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  • Thomas Wolsey Domestic Pol
    • Economic Reform
      • Wolsey attacked evil of enclosures, keeping many in emploment
        • Less Popular with nobility and propertied class
      • Wolsey attacked evil of engrossing (2 farms into 1)
        • Less Popular with nobility and propertied class
      • Other pressures (Need for money) led to the abandonment of evils policies
      • 260 cases launched against landlords, large number won
    • Relationship with Nobility
      • Relied on nobles (Earl of Devon) to maintain royal power on borders
      • War nobles helped in 1511, 154 and 1522
      • Wanted to bend nobility to Henry's will, not destroy them
      • Many nobles resented Wolseys rise and polcies
    • Management of Parliament
      • Hune Affair and Renewal of Benefit of Clergy were failures
      • On many occasions, Parliament refused to give funds for war
      • 1510-1511, 6 sessions of Parliament
      • Parliament agreed to subsidy in 1515
      • Accused of trying to get rid of Parliament
    • Church reform
      • Wolsey had so many titles in Church, he couldn't fulfill duties
      • Interested in promoting religious learning to improve clergy quality
      • 30 religious houses dissolved to fund advancement of learning
        • Plans were not completed
      • Ordered inspections of religious houses
    • Legal Reforms
      • Workload rose from 12 to 120 cases a year (Star Chamber), overflow tribunals set up
      • Star Chamber strengthened to attack local officials and nobles who abused powers
        • 'Friend to poor' as he encouraged ordinary subjects to bring cases against the mighty
      • Main concern was to deliver justice fairly, Star Chamber provided fair and cheap justice
        • 'Friend to poor' as he encouraged ordinary subjects to bring cases against the mighty
      • Policies fed the nobility's resentment of Wolsey
    • Financial Mangement
      • Wolsey created a subsidy based on income rather than property, raising realistic funds, perfect for Henry
      • Main focus was funding wars, Amicable Grant (1525) was a huge failure in granting this
      • 1522 Wolsey undertook first systematic investigation for 500 years
      • Act of Resumption in Parliament (1515) did little to meet financial demands


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