Thomas Wolsey

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  • Thomas Wolsey
    • Church Career
      • After the French war in 1513 reward for services by being made Bishop of Tourney - later sold it back to the French for 12,000 livres
      • 1514 made Archbishop of York
      • 1515 made Cardinal
      • 1518 became Papal Legate - Head of the Church in England - could appoint people to positions in the church, reform monasteries and absolve those excommunicated
    • Henry VIII’s attitude to administration
      • Henry depended on Wolsey because he found administration burden.
      • He would delegate tasks to those he trusted
        • If he lost trust in them, he could be ruthless
    • Role in Government
      • 1515 Wolsey became Lord Chancellor
        • Thomas Rothall became Lord Privy Seal
          • Both officers controlled the seal that authenticated royal orders - Wolsey second most powerful man in England
      • As Chancellor Wolsey was head of the government
        • Controlled considerable patronage - dealt with the day to day detail of governance
    • Personal qualities
      • Brilliant organiser e.g. organised the supplies and equipment for War against France
      • Excellent eye for detail
      • Witty, cultured and excellent company - juxtaposed Henry’s previous administrators


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