Thomas Sydenham

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  • Thomas Sydenham
    • I believe that measles and scarlet fever are separate diseases.
    • I believe to closely observe the symptoms and treating the disease causing them.
    • I believe for students to encourage his students to observe their patients, note down their symptoms in detailed descriptions and look for remedies
    • I believe the four Humours are obselate. (the idea of Four Humours is personal - in Galen theory.
    • Sydenham doesn't give us all the answer, but he has a very modern idea.
    • Diseases are different, he didn't know about the various microorganisms.
    • Develops  new treatment, you sweat the patient, for small pox. Sydenham, cold drinks, air tight blanket.
      • Gin and tonic water - popular protects from malaria.


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