Health belief model mind map-Theories of health belief

The Health Belief Model which shows the factors that influences a person's decision in adopting/not adopting healthy behaviour.

Its a Cognitive model from Becker & Rosenstock in 1970

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  • Health Belief Model: A person adopts a healthy lifestyle...
    • Depending on demographic varibles
      • Where you live
      • Occupation
      • Level of Education
      • Marital status
      • Gender
    • If the benefits out-weigh the costs
    • If they are reminded by internal or external cues/signs
      • Internal: Symptoms, pains, inner worry
      • External: Health campaigns and other people
    • If they percieve a threat to their health if they don't adopt this health behaviour
      • Pecieved Seriousness: Will it actually kill me
      • Percieved Susceptibility: Am I likely to get it?


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