This is England - Industy

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  • This is England - Industy
    • received an 18 certificate from the BBfC due to the inclusion of racist violence and language even though the film aims to examine this behaviour.
      • Extremely controversial with director, argued that compared with the violence depicted in other films T.I.E should receive a 15 certificate especially given the important themes the film tackles
      • Combo calls the shopkeeper a ' **** ****' and violently swings a machete into the shopkeepers face deliberatley
        • The representation of racist ideology as attractive to the child charachter sean and the artful ambiguous presentation of his developing world veiw and the impact of racist veiws upon this
    • Certificate 18
    • Distribution company- Optimum releasing
    • Budget 1.5 million
      • backed by film 4
        • uk film council
        • wrap films
    • Narrow release
      • 62 screens U,K- oppening weekend £207.676
        • released on 29/04/07
      • 1 screen america - opening weekend $18,430
        • released 27/7/07
    • Awards.
      • 7 brittish independent film nomminations
      • won best brittish film BAFTA
      • Most promosing newcomer - Thomas turgouse
    • small budget was built mainly on Shane Meadows name as a director.
    • Brittish film
      • made with funding from the uk film council
    • Low production values
      • film only had one poster and one trailer
      • 20-30 prints made
    • producer - Mark herbet
    • American distributer IFC based in new york
    • Golball
      • released in oslo, tromsoe and fredikstad
      • Released in norweigen cinemas


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