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  • This is England 86'
    • Audience
      • Psychographics
        • Its ok to be different you don't have to follow the crowd
      • Demographics
        • 16-34 year old  Both genders  all ethnicities, working class,
    • CODES
      • Close Ups
        • To show emotion e.g. smell to see what she's feeling about Shaun
      • Establishing Shot
        • Set the scene e.g. close up at the beginning of the scene- Combo and Shaun
      • Music
        • Adds emotion-slow motion at the same time e.g. whens Lols aloane
      • Shot/Reverse/Shot
        • All about relationships-lots of dialouge e.g. when there all on the bus laughing and joking
      • Costume
        • Helps create character e.g. Smells clothing shows it's ok to be different
    • Organisations
      • Its aired at 10pm because, of the language used e.g. swearing and fighting etc
      • This fits in with other dramas because it's telling you that it's ok to be different
    • narrative
      • Characters
        • Antagonist- the bullies-plot device
        • Ensamble Cast- group of friends shows relationships audience can relate to-identification
        • Protagonist-Shaun but it's ensemble cast
      • Narrative plot
        • Mainplots: conflict-shauns future? woody and lol's relationship
        • Subplots-Shaun and Smell
        • Serial- it's got a cliff hanger
        • Conflict: friendship,loveand family e.g. bully and shaun
    • Representation
      • Woman
        • Good friends- both-shows that they look out for each other
        • Want love + marriage- dominant positive/negative-shows good with relationships but not independant
        • Unique- Alternative/positive they don't care what people think about them
        • Power-alternative-stick up for themselves e.g. lol slaps woody
        • Victim- Shows there vunlerable
      • Men
        • Leader- Woody co-ordinates the gang-dominant e.g. wedding
        • Bullies- Scooter gang-negative representation and dominant. Shown using violence in media
        • Loving Partner- alternative of men- instead of fighting is loving partner to Lol but he doesn't say his vows
        • Friendships- Alternative- tight friendships e.g. the hospital
        • Comic characters- Gadget and Harvey-dominant- stereotype: buffoon positive as audience is meant to like them
      • Working class people
        • Dysfunctional family- Lols family
        • Lots of caring relationships: community, friendship and family
      • Parents
        • Bossy+controlling-most mature+know what's best.Negative: won't let young people do what they want to.
        • Caring:Positive/dominant e.g. shauns mum to younger generation. Unreliable: Lols mum doesn't turn up.
        • Conformists-negative/dominant-mum and dad at wedding
      • Young People
        • Point of View- positive/alternative shown from a younger persons view where as it's normally from an older persons view
        • Rebellious and different
    • genre
      • Ideology
        • Positive representation- having a laugh with friends doesn't harm anyone
        • Celebrates differences-you don't have to fit in you can rebel
        • Importance of friendships Gadget+Harvey, Banjo and Mag etc
      • Sit com
      • Breaks conventions: Strong ensemble cast. Alternative representation on young people. All about characters not plot


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