debate for opposition to lowering of voting age

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  • This house opposes the motion that the voting age should be lowered to 16
    • We are not experienced enough at 16
      • Our brains have not fully developed at 16
      • Most people are not employed at 16, and are unaware or unaffected by big decisions
      • At 16, they do not drive or drink, meaning they are unaffected by decisions concerning this
      • At 16 voting will be more of a social thing, and may not be taken seriously
    • This would encourage the govt to opt for short term solutions
      • The govt will purposefully opt for style over substance to win over young voters
      • The govt will have insubstatial policy regarding young people in confidence that first impressions will be most impressive for young audience
      • 16 year olds may not focuse on real/relevant issues, rather looking at the personality of politicians.
    • 16 year old's are not fully independent
      • You cannot be an MP until 18 and cannot have certain jobs till 18
      • Parents would be more likely to control of influence their vote
      • We cannot buy property rights until we are 18
      • You must get consent to marry before 18
    • Counter- some people may be politically aware/informed to vote
      • Many people will not suddenly become interested in voting once they turn 18
      • 16 year olds are already represented well by the YPUK
    • Counter- there will be increased political participation
      • The right decision may not necesserily be made
      • The youngest people have the loweest turnouts generally
      • Austria lowered voting age  with high turnout, but this is simply a short term novelty
    • Counter-Everyone pays VAT, so why shouldn't 16 year old vote
      • Not everyone is capable of voting
    • Counter-You can be in the army at 16
      • You cannot fight on the frontline until you are 18


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