This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison

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  • This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison
  • Themes
    • Isolation
    • Admiration
    • Time
    • Spirituality
    • Man and the Natural World
  • Blank verse
  • Iambic Pentameter
  • No rhyme scheme
  • Definitions:
    • dell
      • small valley
      • pent
        • prison
        • orb's
          • world
          • dissonant
            • lacking harmony
            • bower
              • gazebo
  • Friend = Charles Lamb
  • Mary Lamb (sister) stabbed their mother during an argument.
  • Lamb looked after her instead of sending her to a mental facility.
  • He devoted his life to her.
  • She looked after him when he tried to drink himself to death.
  • Coleridge was unable to go on their walk due to an accident:
  • he burnt himself in a cooking incident.
  • He was unable to walk for Lamb's entire visit.
  • "Had dimm'd mine eyes to blindness!"
  • "Now, my friends emerge // Beneath the wide wide Heaven"
  • "My gentle-hearted Charles! For though has pined // And hunger'd after Nature"
  • "On the wide landscape"
  • "A delight // Comes sudden on mu heart, and I am glad // As I myself were there!"
  • "No sound is dissonant which tells of Life."


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