Things That Recur in ISA Tests

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  • Things That Reoccur in Section A of ISA written tests
    • Buffer Solutions
      • A solution enzymes can be put in and they are not active/denatured, can be different pH's or temperatures
      • If things need a different pH to work at- different buffer solutions
      • Seperate Buffers- Seperate temperatures
      • Buffers hold room temperature than having a test tube in air
    • What was controlled in the Experiment
      • Temperature
      • Amount of enzyme in test tube
      • How much iodine added
        • Competitive inhibitor
    • Control one.
      • You need it for comparison
    • Repeats
      • You do 3
      • You need them to identify any anomalous results
    • Describing a graph
      • Describe exactly what you see in detail
      • If there is more than one thing on the graph, ie the activity of two or more enzymes, COMPARE THEM


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