Theseus's early life

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  • Theuses' Early Life
    • 2. King Aegeus told Theuseus's mother to tell Theuses to lift a boulder when he was strong enough.
    • 1.Theuses was the son of Aegeus, the king of Athens
    • 3. Theuses lifted the rock and he found a pair of  sandals and a fine sword
    • 4. On the way to Athens he faced many dangers such as Sinis who killed passing travellers by strapping them to bent pine trees and then releasing the trees
    • 5. He also killed Sciron who ordered people to wash his feet, then Sciron would kick them over the cliff edge.
    • 6.Finally he killed Procrustes who offered a bed to passing travellers. The bed was always the wrong size for the travellers. If thetravellers were too small for the bed, he would stretch them out. if they were too big for the bid then he would chop off their feet. Theseus killed him in the same manner.
    • 7. Theseus arrived at the palaceand was recognised by the king's wife Medea.
    • 8. She offered Theseus piosoned wine as she thought he would take the place of her son.
    • 9. Just as Theseus was about to drink the wine king Aegeus recognised his sword and welcomed Theseus home


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