A-Level Thermosets List

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  • Thermosets
    • PUR (Polyurethane)
      • Resistant to abrasion. High impact resistance. Flexible at low temperatures. Radiation resistant. Can be made flame resistant.
      • Uses - insulating foams, mattresses, adhesives, car parts, flooring, synthetic fibres.
    • Bakelite
      • Moulded very quickly. Smooth. They retain their shape. Electricity resistant. Low conductivity.
      • Uses - electrical insulators, plasticware, old telephones and radios.
    • Duroplast
      • Lightweight. Strong.
      • Uses - car parts, suitcases.
    • Urea-formaldehyde
      • Rigid. Hard. Good strength. Brittle. Heat-resistant. Good electrical insulator.
      • Uses - electrical fittings, adhesives.
    • Melamine formaldehyde
      • Rigid. Good strength and hardness. Scratch-resistant. Can be coloured.
      • Uses - tableware, decorative laminates for work surfaces.
    • Epoxy resin
      • High strength when reinforced with fibres (GRP - glass-reinforced plastic). Good chemical and wear resistance.
      • Uses - surface coating, encapsulation of electronic components, adhesives.
    • PI (Polyimide)
      • Thermal stability. Lightweight. Flexible. Resistant to heat and chemicals.
      • Uses - insulation, bearings, sockets, filters, medical tubing.
    • Polyester resin
      • Rigid. Brittle. Good heat and chemical resistance.
      • Uses - casting, used in glass-reinforced plastic (e.g. boat hulls, car body parts)


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