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  • Thermography
    • Diagnosis:  different amounts of heat emitted for healthy and diseased tissue - (diff colours on thermograph)
      • (Cancerous tumors emit more heat than normal)
        • Red/yellow= something wrong Dark blue = healthy
        • Situations: Breast cancer, Heart defects, deep vein thrombosis  conditions of the arteries (stroke)
    • Non-invasive
      • Nothing enters the body- only detects heat leaving (being emitted)
        • Other methods- particle waves entering the body i.e. x-rays and ultrasounds
    • Thermog: is safer to detect breast cancer cells than x-rays because it is non-invasive, nothing enters the body, no possibility of harm/damage x-rays= ionising
    • X-rays remain preffered option in mamogr to detect breast cancer because they have a proven track record that it is less likely to miss tumor because there is so much use of it.
    • Ultrasounds: Non-invasive= safe however thermog much safer
    • Advantages
      • - No risk - no radiation
      • - Early detection e.g. 10 yrs
      • - Cover whole area
      • - Precise location of problem and pre pares for other tests e.g. Ultrasounds and MRI scans
      • - No pain pressure touching of equip
    • Disadvantages
      • - Cameras - expensive easily damaged
      • - Image interpretations required
      • - Surfaces only
      • - Focussing difficulty with infra-red rays
      • - Image quality
  • Detection  of infra-red radiation emitted from the body, is a useful non-invasive method of investigating possible illness.
  • Red/yellow= something wrong Dark blue = healthy


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