Thermal Radiation

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  • Thermal Radiation
    • This is also known as infrared radiation, and consists of entirely of EM waves.
    • All of objects are continually emitting and absorbing heat radiation.
      • An object that's hotter than its surroundings emits MORE radiation than it absorbs- as it cools down.
      • An object that's cooler than its surroundings absorbs MORE  radiation than it emits- as it warms up.
    • Heat is radiated from the surface of an object.
      • The bigger the surface area, the more waves can be emitted from the surface, so the quicker the transfer of heat,
        • This is why  car engines often have fins- they increase the surface area so heat is radiated away quicker. So the engine cools quicker.
          • Its the same with heating something up. The bigger the surface area, the more waves exposed to the object, so it will heat up quicker.





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