Thermal Physics

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  • Thermal Physics
    • Specific heat capacity
      • 109: recognise and use the expression
        • units of SHC = Jkg-1K-1
      • A property of a material
      • Defined as the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1kg of a substance by 1K
    • Internal energy
      • 110: explain the concept of internal energy as the random distribution of potential and kinetic energy amongst molecules
      • 112: recognise and use the expression
        • average kinetic energy of any molecule in a gaseous sample is proportinal to the absolute temp of the gas
      • sum of kinetic and potential energies of all molecules in a substance
        • randomly distributed according to the Maxwell-Boltzmann distrubtion
    • Absolute zero
      • 111: explain the concept of absolute zero and how the average kinetic energy of molecules is related to the absolute temperature
      • molecules not moving at all, all ke removed
      • conversion: Celsius to Kelvin add 273, Kelvin to Celsius minus 273
    • Ideal gases
      • 113: use the expression for the equation of state for an ideal gas
        • Ideal gas molecules have 0 size, have no energy losses in collisions and exert no forces on eachother (except during collisions)
      • Gas laws
        • Boyle's Law:
        • Charles's Law:
        • Pressure Law:


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