heating limestone, its uses and products

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    • calcium carbonate
      • CACO3
        • + heat= calcium oxide & carbon dioxide
      • calcium oxide reacts with water to make calcium hydroxide
    • Thermal Decomposition
      • heating limestone rapidly = breaking down
      • calcium carbonate-> calcium oxide +carbon dioxide
      • other carbonates break down in the same way
        • sodium carrbonate, magnesium carbonate, copper carbonate
      • reactivity effects how easily they can decompose
        • metals high up in the reactivity series= more energy
        • metals low down in the reactivity series= less energy
    • the products from CaCO3
      • making calcium oxide
        • when limestone is heated strongly
        • when hot= yellow, when cool= white
      • calcium hydroxide
        • when limestone reacts with water
        • alkali
        • exothermic
    • properties
      • uses
        • buildings
        • concrete, cement and mortar
      • reactivity
        • acid rain=big problem
        • rivers can be neutralised using Ca(OH)2


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