Theravada: The Historical Buddha

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  • Theravada: The Historical Buddha
    • Human being
    • Uncovered path to Enlightenment
    • Acted as an example to all
    • An extraordinary human being
    • Simply a person like them, but had the strength to walk the path of life until he found Enlightenment.
    • To worship Buddha/or any other human being, undermines Buddhism
    • Historical Buddha, greatest being to have ever lived
    • Buddha doesn't exist anymore tho
    • Use of statues, shows their gratitude
    • We can relate to Buddha, because he was an ordinary person
    • ONE OFF
    • "If he were a God, his achievements would not be relevant to us"
    • "It's vital not to forget that is one of us.! Cash
    • A persons enlightenment is completely dependent on the fact that Buddha taught the way


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