Theory of Evolution-Charles Darwin

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  • Theory of Evolution-Charles Darwin
    • Darwin recognised that species did change and put forward a theory as to how they changed 
    • Finches
      • The island had no predators-overpopulated
        • competition for limited food source
          • Those with useful mutations survived
            • Numbers remain constant/high mortality rate/struggle for survival 
      • He noticed variation e.g. beak size 
        •  beak adaptation, seed, insects, fruit 
        • adaptive radiation - finches changed what they ate, all originated from on e type.
      • morphologically similar and to mainland form- common ancestor 
        • similarities of proteins, enzymes 
        • similarities of DNA/genes 
    • survival of fittest 
      • pass on beneficial characteristic 
      • Repeats generation after generation 
    • Natural selection 
    • Evidence
      • Fossil evidence
      • Living intermediate forms
      • Pentadactyl limb


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