Changing Evidence

Differing evidence for evolution with advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Theory of evolution by natural selection
    • evidence
      • fossils
        • type
        • peat bogs/low oxygen environments
          • bone/tissue preserved
        • chemicals in bone are replaced by chemicals in rock
        • open to interpretation
          • differs from one scientist to the next
        • organisms occupying similar niches may appear closely related due to selection pressures
      • Advantages of DNA evidence over fossil evidence
        • only need small sample to get clear picture
        • Won't change for individuals over time
      • Disadvantages of DNA evidence over fossil evidence
        • Can only really be used on species whereorganic material is still available
    • DNA
      • protein homologies
        • short sections of DNA
        • look at specific sequences
          • example: beta haemoglobin
          • look for differences
      • DNA profiling
        • Comparison of base sequences
      • DNA hybridisation
        • large quantities of DNA
          • whole genome
        • mixing DNA of different species
    • speciation


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