Sense of Self

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  • Sense of Self
    • Self concept
      • Everything someone knows about themslelves
    • Self awareness
      • Understand that you are different to others
      • Age 2
    • Lewis & Brooks Gunn
      • Mirror rouge test
      • 9-12 mths
        • Look at reflection, maybe pull faces
      • 21-24 mths
        • Touch their nose
      • If the child touches their nose, they have sense of self
    • Humanistic psych
      • Every person is unique
      • Free will
      • Can't generalise
    • Lewis & Brooks Gunn
      • Child recognising self in mirror may not show true self awareness as is a 2D image
    • Povinelli
      • Showed children videos of themselves
      • Pass mirror test at 2 but rouge test at 4
      • Mirror test is recognition of current self but video test needs an external sense of self
    • Suddendorf
      • Video deficit
      • Children perform poorly on video tasks as actions are reversed
      • Young children are more sensitive to social cues that videos don't show


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