Theory and Methods

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  • Theory and methods revision
    • Types of data
      • Quantitative data
        • numbers and statistics
          • easy generalised to form a law of behaviour
            • structured interviews
              • questionnaires
        • more reliable
        • does not provide meaning behind behaviour
      • Qualitative data
        • verbal data involving opinions and meanings
        • unstructured interviews, observations and documents
        • good for researching topics
        • Open to interpretation
      • Primary
        • more valid
          • time consuming
          • could be biased/ethical
        • First hand by a researcher to perfectly suit the hypothesis
      • secondary
        • newspapers, government consensus'
          • may not be valid or reliable
            • compare past and present society
    • 5 key things
      • Reliability- can it be repeated in the future to get similar results
        • representativeness
          • generalisability- extent to which the findings can be applied to the population
            • validity
              • true to real life?
      • objectivity-  all personal and emotional bias has been removed
  • identify a topic of interest
    • gather background info
      • identify research question or hypothesis


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