Theories of Education

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  • Theories on Education
    • Marxist
      • Althusser
        • Education= idealogical state apparatus, and the function is to maintain, legitimate and reproduce ruling class ideology
        • Hidden curriculum promotes ruling class ideology as common sense and leads WC who don't achieve in education to think it was their own fault
          • Students rarely come into contact with views that challenge inequality
          • School= internally organised so they transmit different messages to WC and MC about the purpose of school
          • Rules serve to train children into accepting authority and that failure is self inflicted
    • Functionalist
      • Education is an essential agency of secondary socialisation because it transmits common values to the next gen and is crucial for the maintenanceof value consensus
      • Parsons
        • schools act as a bridge between family and wider society. Status and relationships shaped by 'popularistic' standards. shows members must learn universalistic values. Promotes universal values
      • Durkheim
        • Education is crucial because it's central to the reproduction of culture and society. Subjects like English and History create social solidarity and a sense of pride and belonging


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