Marxist Theories of the family

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  • Theories of the Family
    • Marxists
      • Zaresky
        • Child learns key values: obedience and respect
          • Exploited by ruling class
        • "Comfort Zone" against the hardships of workplace
          • Alienation: lack of control over job
            • Capitalist Economy
      • 3 Functions
        • Inheritance of property
          • Engles: Primitive Communism
            • Nuclear family based on monogamy
              • Developed with the emergence of private property and capitalism
        • Ideological Functions-Zaretsky
          • Ideology: Set of beliefs and norms that are biased to support the structure of society
          • Family crucial transmitting
            • Accept inequalities of capitalism
        • Unit of Consumption
          • Capitalist make money on products
            • Sold to families encouraged by the media
              • Keep buying and buying
      • Conflict between two classes
        • Social Institutions as larger than individuals
          • Moulding and shaping the individual
            • Born into positions which shape and determine us
          • control people
            • strings on a puppet
      • AO2
        • Assume all families are nuclear
          • Ignore huge contribution that females give to family
            • Postmodernists feel the concept of social class is irrelevant
          • Ignore the fact that people like living in families


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