Theories on culture

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  • Theories on culture
    • Functionalism
      • We have a shared culture within society
        • A shared culture is necessary if a society is to run smoothly, through a shared social consensus
        • This shared culture is passed down from generation to generation
      • Those within society must conform to the shared culture to avoid anarchy
        • People who do not conform to social expectations risk punishment from those within society, due to the breaking of expected norms and values
    • Marxism
      • We have a shared culture within our society
        • In our capitalist society, our shared culture is controlled by capitalist ideology
          • Culture is nothing more than ruling class ideology
            • This harmful ideology is passed on to society as disguised as 'common norms and values'
      • The working class suffer a false class consciousness, due to this shared culture
        • Their beliefs and culture are not shaped by them, but by those that control them. This helps to maintain the oppression that they face
    • Interactionism
      • We do and don't have a shared culture within society
      • Our culture is based on shared interactions
      • There are large elements of shared culture still present as well as vast cultural diversity
      • Culture is always subject to change and will continue to change
    • Postmodernism
      • We do not have a shared culture within society
        • There is little/ no shared culture, as we have such a variety and choice for individuals to choose from
      • Our society has CULTURAL PLURALISM
        • A diversity of cultures in contemporary Britain
      • This Pluralism is encouraged through social changes and Government policy changes e.g. to gay marriage and immigration


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