Theories of Management

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  • Theories of management
    • Drucker - management by objectives
      • Manager sets targets according to organisational aims
        • Capability of staff based on their ability to achieve targets
    • Hersey and Blanchard - Situational Management
      • Management style varies according to situation
        • 4 variants based on motivation and experience
    • MacGregor X&Y
      • X- Workers dislike work, need to be supervised, have no ambition
      • Y - Workers are motivated need little supervision
    • John Adair - Action Centred
      • Manager has to consider task, team, individual
        • All 3 elements overlap and understanding is clear
    • Tannenbaum & Schmidt - Continuum
      • Managers have whole range of approaches
        • Managers will use different flexible approaches depending on circumstances
          • Tells, Sells, Consults or Joins


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