Theories of Justice 2

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  • Theories of Justice 2- Locke
    • John Locke
      • 1632-1704
      • Follows on from Hobbes but in a very different fashion
      • Requires we do not harm with regards life, health, liberty or possessions
      • Preservation of wealth, life, liberty and well-being in general
    • Locke's State of Nature
      • Natural law which lays down what is right and wrong in general terms
        • People recognise and understand this law
        • People obey this law (most of the time)
      • This natural law gives everyone a set of natural rights
        • Life, liberty, property
        • People recognise and respect these rights
      • Everyone has the right to punish those who break natural law
        • Set up state/ body to punish for us
      • Natural law is general- we also need laws for minor things
    • Locke's Social Contract
      • 2 Stages:
      • 1. Set up a community/ civil society
      • 2. Community establishes a ruler
        • Requires agreement of all
        • Ruler established by majority


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