Theories of Justice 1

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  • Theories of Justice 1- Hobbes
    • Thomas Hobbes
      • 1588-1679
      • Monarchists and Parliamentarians
      • Lived through English Civil War 1642-1648
      • Theory of Human Motivation
    • State of Nature
      • Results in a State of War
      • No power to force people to co-operate
      • Reason allows a way out
      • Limited resources
      • Construction of social contract
      • More or less equal to one another
      • Distinguished by the following:
        • "Hobbes' Theorem"
        • Imagine a state of nature- no society, law
        • Natural state of people is:
          • Roughly equal
          • Afraid of death
          • Rational
          • Self-interested
      • Naturally and exclusively self-interested


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