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  • theories in   unit 1
    • BOLWBY
      • Jhon bolwby     born- 1907     died - 1990   Physcologist
      • He believed that attachment has a basis in evolution
      • Attachment: an emotional bone between a caregiver and a child
        • makes a child feel safe
      • "the propensity to make strong bonds to a particular induvial is a part of human nature "
      • without attachment :    anxiety and separation distress, if they are left for to long witout attachment they turn cold and enter there own world to protect themselves , they see relationships as dangerous
      • proximity maintence- the diser to be near the care giver .
      • Safe haven- returning to the attachment ( care giver)
        • secure base- a base of security allowing the child to explore
      • theory of language
      • American phylosipher
      • " all children are born with the innate ability to learn human language
        • we all have LAD- language acquisition device
    • Piaget
      • cognitive development
        • 4 stages          1st stage - sensorimotor stage                2nd stage -preoperational stage               3rd- concrete operational stage               4th-formal operational stage
          • only then can we reach full human intelligence
        • sensory stage: discover are 5 senses  becoming curious and moving such as sit, walk but remain egocentreic - ages 0-2
        • preoperational stage : believe objects are alive and use fantasy. also use words images. ages  2-7
        • concrete operational stage - discover logic and sort objects using inductive reasoning. from ages 7-11
        • formal operation stage ; have the ability to think more rationally and understand love and hate , success and failure and understand others from ages 12 +


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