Theoretical Issues

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  • Theoretical Issues
    • There are two contrasting approaches
      • Positvists
        • sociology should be like research into natural sciences
        • Social Phenomenon are as real as natural phenomenon and sociologists should only study what they can see measure and count
        • You cant measure feelings so therefore arent interested
        • Aim to avoid personal involvement which produces VALUE FREE evidence
        • Questionnaires
        • Statistics
      • Interpretivism
        • See the world as a socially constructed place
        • There are no facts, knowledge is based on what people think
        • E.G what is a chair used for?
          • Us = sitting on
          • Tribe = weapon?
        • they dont like the idea of being able to measure everything.
          • People's behaviour is too complicated and what to understand their point of view
        • Interviews
        • Open questionnaires
        • Observations


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