Theoretical foundations of political psychology

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  • Theoretical foundations of political psychology
    • Rational choice
      • A key approach in political science
      • 1. You know what you want (goals)
      • 2. These goals have values
      • 3. Routes to these goals have probabilities
    • Biopolitics
      • Biology's role
      • Neuroscience
      • Evolutionary psychology
      • Behavioural genetics
    • Personality
      • Psycho-biography of leaders
      • Big 5 (OCEAN) Costa and McCrae
    • Cognition
      • Where do people get their info?
      • How do they process info?
      • What biases are present in decision making?
    • Intergroup relations
      • Social identity theory
      • Realistic conflict theory
        • Social identity theory
      • Theories can help explain attitudes to immigrant groups etc
      • "Threat" in politics has an important effect on both in-group and out-group


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