themes of violence in of mice and men

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  • themes of violence in of mice and men
    • Crooks
      • Crooks is the only black of the ranch, crooks is discrimated by all the men at the ranch, this comes across as violence, crooks has a lot of pride and although isnt allowed to mix with the ranch men he gets on with things, lennie doesnt understand the discrimation so mixes with crooks
      • Quotes: "boss gives him hell when he's mad"
    • Lennie
      • Lennie being one of the two main characters, comes across very violent, however he is the only character that is intentionally violent, he doesn't know his rights from wrongs and he doesn't understand a lot of things, when Lennie kills the pup and curleys wife he doesn't realise what's really happened. this shows Lennie is violent but doesn't mean to be.
      • Quotes: "I didn't mean too George"
    • George
      • at the end of the book george shoots lennie, this is shown as violence, however the reader needs to understand george does this to protect lennie from getting hurt but other characters
      • Quotes: kills Lennie "George raised the gun and his hand shook"
    • Curley
      • Curley comes across as the most violent character in the book, whenever he arrives at a scene, tension is created, Curleys violence is shown as he likes to pick a fight, normally with bigger people. After Lennie kills Curley wife, Curley wants to shoot Lennie.
      • Quotes: curleys picking on Lennie "Lennie covered his face with his huge paws and bleated with terror"
    • Carlson
      • Carlson isn't concerned by the fact Lennie killed the pup, Carlson cleans the gun, Carlson is very eager to kill Lennie after he kills he pup and Curleys wife. Carlson appears violent and always seems to have the last word.
      • Quotes: "I ought to of shot that dog myself George"
    • Candy
      • Candy isn't a very violent character, however he does refer to violence, I think this is a different type of violence as he threatens it rather then goes ahead with it.
      • Quotes: "he woulda killed the ******"


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