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  • Themes in The Women In Black
    • The meaning of The Women In Black is it is a story about evil,about how  suffering and grief can warp a human`s personality
    • Revenge
      • The ghost of the women in black goes on and on making revenge on the innocent because of what had happened to her, even after death she has never let go and cannot move on.
        • The point is that revenge can never be good,can never succeed ultimately, and will never pay.
        • Susan Hill`s views are present based on her christian faith that revenge is wrong.
        • When Kipps is about to leave Dailys house to return to London Kipps feels sympathetic towards her and says that her reactions are understandable but not forgiveable and this is interesting as Kipps is a christian and the chjurch and bible teaches that all sins are forgivable.
    • Justice
      • Justice is rekated to vengeance.
      • Christians believe that God will provide justice on judgement day.
    • Religious faith
      • I asked myself unanswerable questions about life and death and the borderlands between and I prayed, direct and simple, and passionate prayers.
      • i had no sense of having been here before, but an absolute conviction that I would come here again , that the house was already mine, bound to me invisibly.
    • Sleep
      • Sleep is considered completely natural and as Arthur KIPPS can not recieve any from the sighting of the women in black shows that he is disturbed and sleep is linked metaphoricallly to death.
    • childhood
      • juxtaposes the children and the appearance of the ghost.
      • effect on him and seeing spider`s distress he comforts him like a mother would a child


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