Themes in Of Mice and Men

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  • Themes in Of Mice and Men
    • Human Fragility
      • Lennie's mice are used as a motif that echoes his vulnerability
      • Humanity is small and fragile in comparison with the forces that control our lives
      • Joy is something to be snatched while possible, but is not something that most humans ever achieve for long
    • Dreams and Reality
      • Curley's Wife dreamt of being a movie star; it was destroyed
    • Prejudice and Discrimination
      • Old age
        • Candy- he is often isolated and ignored by the other
      • Disability
        • Candy- he is often isolated and ignored by the other
      • Racial Prejudice
        • Crooks- He is intelligent, reads books, and needs companionship; however he is denied these due to being black.
          • He is just like any other human being
    • Loneliness
      • Steinbeck sees it as part of the human condition, something we are born with and have to either fight or succumb to all our lives
        • Steinbeck makes the reader realise that things cannot and will not change
      • George and lennie stave it off by their relationship
      • It  embitters Candy and Crooks
      • Curley's Wife is trapped in a loveless marriage
    • Relationships
      • Relationships often end in pain/sadness and don't last
        • George and Lennie
        • Candy and his dog
        • Curley and Curley's Wife
        • The proposed partnership between George, Lennie, and Candy
      • The happiest people in the novella aren't in any kind of relationship
        • Slim, Carlson, and the Boss


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