Key themes in Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare

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  • Themes in Measure for Measure
      • "For with measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again" -  Isabella says showing her religious virtues and beliefs
      • Isabella becomes a nun to sustain her virginity - she plans on staying a virgin for the rest of her life
      • The title of the play comes from the Gospel of Matthew
      • The Duke disguised as a friar is also hypocritical as a friar is a religious and holy figure in the world of religion
      • The city of Vienna is very corrupt - people are doing what they want, sleeping with whoever they feel.
        • We eventually learn Angelo also becomes corrupt
      • The Duke continuously abuses his authority throughout.
        • He disguises himself as a friar - "Disguise shall, by the disguised".
      • The play warns that men and women don't neccesarily have to right to judge fellow human beings
      • It can also be argued by some that Claudio's sentence wasn't just, was it right that he got senteced to die?
        • "Liberty plucks justice by the nose" - personification (terminology) could Shakespeare also be implying that you can't get liberty from justice.


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