An Inspector Calls: Themes explored

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  • Themes Explored
    • Communication and the individual
      • After was, people had enough of hardship
      • New sense of community
      • Priestly 'Stop thinking of property and power - think of community and creation'
      • Society
      • Equality
      • Individual
    • Respectably and Hypocrisy
      • Status
      • Appearance
      • Upper class ignored prostitution
      • Priestly exposed the hypocrisy of the respectable, which gives hope to the lower class
      • Priestly hopes to change views of the young - in hope to change views of the old
    • Responsibility and power
      • Main Theme
      • Power should be exercised
      • Upper class determines much of what happens to the lower class
      • Everyone is responsible for each other
    • Conscience and guilt
      • The children face up to their guilty conscious better than their parents
      • Inspector can be portrayed as  a manifestation of he characters guilt
    • Time
      • Irony
      • Priiestly manipulates time at the end of the play
      • Play is wrote after WWI, but set before, irony, due to the prosperity of the Birling, and the inevitable downfall
  • An Inspector Calls


Shona Gyamfi


These are so helpful can you do style lang structure & imagery for an inspector calls

Please & thank you

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