Themes: Wife of Bath and The Rivals

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  • Themes
    • Money
      • My paltry wealth - that burden on the wings of love
      • Lydia 'likes [Absolute] better as a half-pay Ensign
      • the fortune is saddled with a wife
      • It is my good as wel as thyn, pardee
      • Thou shalt nat bothe ... be maister of my body and of my good
      • Some seyde wommen loven best richesse
    • Power
      • I shal have the power duringe al my lyf upon his propre body
      • Oon of us two must bowen
      • Wommen desiren to have sovereynetee
    • Deception
      • in the floor I lay as I were deed
      • no man swere and leyen, as a womman kan
      • I wrote a letter to myself
      • 'I should not be paid so well, if my hero knew that Delia was near fifty, and her own mistress
    • Women
      • We love no man that taketh kepe or charge
      • we wommen konne no thyng hele
      • Women are not used to weigh, and separate the motives of their affections
      • Thought does not become a young woman
      • Woman want 'wayte thing we may nat lightly have
    • Honour
      • 'Genterye is nat annexed to possessioun'
      • Gentillesse cometh fro God allone
      • And he ne wol doon hem but dishonour
      • This honour seems to me a marvellous false friend
      • Your son ... insulted me in a manner which my honour could not brook.
      • What the devil signifies right when  your honour is concerned
    • Love
      • His herte bathed in a bath of blisse
      • and she obeyed hym in every thyng
      • If I have lost your heart I resign the rest
      • That was something like being in love
      • I know see it is not in your nature to be content or confident in love
      • likenest a wommenes love to helle... also to wilde fyre
      • I loved hym beste


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