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  • Themes
    • Dreams
      • George shares his dream with Lennie. They dream of having their own bit of land together. He even has a piece of land in mind, which shows how serious he is about the dream
      • Lennie shares his dream with George, to have heir own piece of land. Lennie dreams of his special job o tending to the rabbits.
      • Curley's wife's dream was to be in movies. She was told by a man that he could take her to Hollywood but when she didn't hear from him she married Curley instead.
      • When he is told about George and Lennie's dream, Candy joins them. His compensation money makes the dream seem achieveable
      • Crooks dreams of being an equal. He remembers playing with white children when he was younger, on his chicken ranch, and dreams of a similar relationship with white people again
    • Loneliness
      • George isn't lonely throughout the book but he will be because he has no-one left once he shoots Lennie
      • Lennie doesn't really fear lonelinss, he's not clever enough to understand it. However he does get anrgy when Crooks says George isn't coming back
      • Crooks is very lonely. He is isolated from the rest of the workers because of his colour. He enjoys having Lennie and Candy keeping him company for one night
      • Curley's wife is probably one of the loneliness characters. She's married to a man she doesn't even like, who gives her no attention. This is why she's always hanging around the bunk house
      • Candy becomes lonely when his dog is shot. He has no one else and he delayed killing the dog because he didn't want to be alone


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