Macbeth Themes- What will help me get Level 9 in Macbeth?

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  • Themes of Macbeth
    • False appearances
      • In this play apparent 'fair' is often 'foul', hosts are murderers, women are not 'gentle' and men are 'not of woman born'.
    • Power and ambition
      • Lady Macbeth wants her husband to be king. Macbeth admits his 'vaulting ambition' is the only cause for killing Duncan. Later he becomes tyrannical with his power.
    • Kingship
      • In Duncan, we see a king who is just and kind. Macbeth is the opposite, ruling through fear and terror.
    • Blurring of masculine and feminine roles.
      • In contrast to the protective mother role played by Macduff's wife, Lady Macbeth demands that the spirits 'unsex me here' and claims that she would brutally kill her own child.
    • Guilt
      • After murdering Duncan, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth suffer the torment of guilt. Macbeth is unable to sleep and his wife takes her own life.


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