Themes in A Christmas Carol

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  • Themes
    • Christmas
      • The title and structure
        • Uses 5 staves rather than chapters
          • Reflect the structure of a carol
          • Link the story to the joy of singing
        • The title refers to the traditional carols sung at Christmas time
      • Scrooge's nephew, Fred
        • Cheerful approach to Christmas
        • Dickens shows Fred as the opposite of Scrooge
          • Fred enjoys the company of his friends
      • Tiny Tim
        • Importance of family and love
        • "escorted by his brother and sister"
          • Well-loved by his family
          • His siblings show him generosity
    • Redemption
      • Error of his ways
        • "hesr his own words quoted by the spirit"
          • S feels ashamed
          • S begins to wish he could change
        • Dickens uses the GoC Present to show S how unpleasant his behaviour has been
      • Miserable
        • S rejects all offers of Christmas cheer
        • "Christmas a humbug,"
          • Rejecting all the compassion and celebration
      • Redeemed
        • "His own heart laughed:"
          • S becomes full and generous of life
          • Welcomed into the homes of his family
          • Friends are delighted by his transformation
        • S is a new man when he finally awakes on Christmas day
    • Social injustice
      • S refuses to give money
        • Represents the selfshness of the richer elements of Victorian society
        • Dickens highlights the injustice of wealth distribution
      • Ignorance and Want
        • Two wretched children to present the poor
        • Are the responsibility of all mankind
        • "pinched" & "twisted"
          • Rather than happy and joyous
          • Not how we would like children to be
      • Thieves dividing up S's belongings
        • Shows how his death is received
        • Thieves comment on how miserly he'd been
          • The failings of only thinking of oneself


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