Analysis of Themes and Issues within Pans Labyrinth.

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  • Themes and Issues within Pans Labyrinth
    • Death
      • At the end of the film, Ofelia is shot by her step father.
      • Throughout the film, various people die. Most notably however, are the ones that are able and perhaps willing to protect Ofelia.
      • Ofelia proves herself as truly being Princess Moanna, by taking, somewhat unwittingly, the place of a blood sacrafice.
    • Self Sacrafice
      • Ofelia is unwilling to let her baby brother be sacrificed so that she may return to the underworld.
      • Mercedes frequently puts herself at risk when working for the captain, as she is also working for the rebels.
      • The Captain is the antihesis of this throughout the film - Ofelia overhears him telling the doctor, that if it comes down to it, he must save his son, rather than his wife.
    • Bravery
      • Ofelia is brave throughout the film, especially when completing the challenges given by Pan.
        • For example, retrieving the key from the belly of the toad, or facing down the white man.
        • She is also brave to watch her mothers suffering and try her best to help her, even though it elicits the wrath of her step father.(Placing the mandrake root under the bed)
      • Mercedes and the Doctor are both exceedingly brave throughout the film, as they are both working for the rebels.
        • Mercedes regularly smuggles food to the rebels, and when the storeroom is locked, she steals the key for them.
        • The Doctor risks the anger of the Captain as he does what the capture rebel fighter, asks him, and ends his misery.
    • Love
      • It could be said that Ofelias mother does not love her husband, but views him merely as a means to an end.
        • The Captain certainly doesn't love her, and views her simply as the carrier of what he wants most - a son,
      • Mercedes, it could be argued, shows the purest love of all, as it is love that asks nothing in return.
        • She stays in constant danger to be able to help her brother.
        • She loves and cares for Ofelia, and at one point attempts to escape with her to the rebels in the woods.
        • At the very end of the film, she is seen humming lullaby's and cradling Ofelia in her arms as she dies. This illustrates how much she cares about her.
      • The Doctor loves not a person, but his counrty and the pople who fight to free it.
        • This poses a great threat to him, as he is employed by the Captain but tries to help the rebels, by sneaking out with Mercedes to provide medical help.


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