Romeo and Juliet Themes

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  • Themes
    • Petrarchan Love
      • Courtly love felt for Rosaline by Romeo
      • Felt for Juliet by Paris
      • Beaten by true love: Romeo is overcome by true love for Juliet that he forgets Rosaline. He also defeats Paris in the name of true love.
    • Sexual Love
      • Humour between Sampson and Gregory in A1 S1. "My naked weapon is out".
      • References by Mercutio
      • References by Nurse. "Women grow by men".
    • True Love
      • Felt by R + J
      • "Star-crossed lovers" - Prologue
        • Fate
    • Conflict
      • Societal Conflict
        • Constant fighting
          • Tybalt wants it to continue
          • Benvolio wants it to stop: name literally means "I want well"
          • Friar Lawrence - optimistic, says that true love will stop the fighting
            • "For this alliance may so happy prove/to turn your households' rancour to pure love"
    • Friendly Love
      • Mercutio's banter
      • Romeo and Friar Lawrence: A2 S3: "That last is true […] I have forgot that name, and that name's woe". Rhyming between lines suggests a strong relationship.
    • Religion
      • A1 S5
        • R + J 's sonnet has religious connotations
          • CONTEXT: Religion was a big deal in Shakespeare's time
          • "Give me my sin again"


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